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Jul 22, 2020
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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone here experience not able to remove or delete a duplicate listing or the suspended ones? Every time we tried to, we are only getting this warning: (see image below)


Most of the Google rep adviced to remove it from within the INFO Tab, but that also giving as error and showing only blank, see image below:


So what really happened was, after the listing has been suspended the Primary owner re-claimed the listing by searching it on Google and clicking on the manage this listing link in the Google search maps result, see image below:


That's probably the reason why it created a duplicate listing. Please know that we are an agency managing the client's GMB listing, so we've asked the primary owner to try to remove the duplicate listing from within their account and they've also had the same issue as ours as an agency.

Hope anyone can share they're experience and workaround.

Thank You!

Stay safe everyone.
What happens when you click the Users tab (second image)? That's normally where I go to remove myself when I get that error.
I'd suggest posting both that screenshot + video over at the GMB forum and I can escalate it. You'll need to include the name + address of the business listing you're seeing that on.
Thanks JoyHawkins,

I've gone ahead and posted it to GMB forum. I hope it's fine, I've posted separately the GMB Dashboard issue and the Duplicate removal issue, see links below:

1. Chem-Dry of the North dashboard issue: Our GMB Dashboard is not loading or showing 404 or 500 error - Chem-Dry of the North - Google My Business Community
2. Chem-Dry Imperial dashboard issue: Our GMB Dashboard is not loading or showing 404 or 500 error - Chem-Dry Imperial - Google My Business Community
3. Duplicate listing issue: GMB Duplicate and Suspended listing removal issue - Google My Business Community

Hope these issues will be fixed soon.

Thanks for your help!
Thanks - I went ahead and escalated it. The third one isn't posted (looks like the post got removed) but if it's the same issue as the first two, I should be able to get you the answer without it.
Hi, i have the same issue.
Last week i got a couple of listing duplicate from different clients. At the biggining all of the profiles were still listed, but now they are not.

Is there any kind of issue going on about this? It surprise me that all of this duplicates were at the same day and also from different clients.

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