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Aug 7, 2013
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Im noticing that the link in SERPS to go to the Google + Page is defaulting to the YouTube tab on Google +. Is this new, or am I just a month behind in all this?
I'm not seeing this Dusty. Just checked 2 and they go to the "Posts" page.

Can you share an example?
That's not the only odd thing going on with Google+ links. You know how most pages with reviews on sites other than G+ have a "Reviews from around the web" section all the way at the bottom? Over the past few days I've seen links to Google+ down there - which link to the same Google+ Local page you're already on. That's something I'd never seen.
I'm bringing up an old topic, but it's happening to one of my clients.

When his listing shows up in the local results and you click on the "Google+ page", the YouTube tab comes up first.

This was happening BEFORE the Pigeon update.

Any ideas why this is happening?



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