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Jul 19, 2012
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As many of you know, Google Partners started offering a Google Analytics certification earlier this year.

All the courses are done VIA video, which is great for some styles of learning.

What I wanted to know from the community is if anyone has come across a solid written study guide for the course?

Good question. We need something better than Google's default resources in the partners section.

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Totally agree Colan, that's why it's clear the algo is putting waaaay too much emphasis on name.

  • If you look at their website, it's clear it's just a pub.
  • In the Knowledge Graph, G's summary is "Classic pub grub served in a big, casual venue with a pool table, plus TV sports and TAB facilities." No mention of beds.
  • If you look at a handful of the citations, none of them show any kind of accommodation available.
  • If you look at the location on maps, the info window that shows lists "bistro" as the category.
So all those signals are being ignored or overruled by the name. The local finder isn't leveraging what Google already knows about the business - it's making wild guesses based on heaven knows what.


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