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Aug 4, 2012
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Hi Everyone,

I know it's been covered before in the past but I'm struggling with Google Places, and specifically the details of a listing that still hasn't changed. As in, the changes haven't trickled through yet.

What are the methods (if there are any) of speeding up Google on this? - Is there a good way of pinging Google to get a move on?!


Thanks for that Linda. In all honesty, it hasn't been that long - about 1.5 weeks. I suppose it's easy to be impatient with these things.

It was a subtle address change and speaking of which, didn't require verification by post or phone. Is this normal? - It hints on the dashboard that changes to address require verification. Does this not count if it's a tiny change?

Also, about "poking google places", is this simply a case of pressing submit/update without making any changes?
Yes but POKES very important to understand so read this:
POKES - How and When to Poke your Place Page

In my training I call POKES your 2nd new best friend for dealing with Places problems.

Minor address changes and basic reformatting don't force verification if you know how to do it right. Same with name changes. I did a blog post that explains how. So maybe you did it that way without realizing it.
Thanks a lot - that is very useful.

About the address change, I was very careful as I really didn't want Google sending the verification postcard! :D:mad:

I think I poked the listing a few days ago, so I'm probably going to leave it for a bit and be patient. Essentially, it's a case of the address hasn't been updated to the live listing. Hopefully, it's quite common for this change to take a week or so.

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