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Oct 24, 2019
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Google Support seem to be struggling to answer my question, so I thought I'd reach out to people who know đź‘‹

There are 3 users on one of my new LSA accounts. I need to change the email address to which new messages are sent. It's currently set to the email address of the user that created the account.

Logically, it looks like it should be editable through Profile & budget > Settings, but it's not. Google Support are telling me to go via Notifications and set it there.

I can see two problems with that suggestion:

1. Which of the many notification options relates to the setting I am trying to change?
2. How can the single 'new message' email setting relate to multiple user notification settings? What if more than one user has the mystery setting enabled?

I'm sure I've changed it successfully in the past, but this has me stuck. Please can someone inject some sense into me? Thanks!
Something that could explain it is that the Performance reporting notification setting controls the lead emails, but the logged-in user's email address always shows in Profile & budget > Settings. Possibly... even if Performance reporting is disabled for the logged-in user?

This feels like it should be a really easy thing to clear up, but something isn't right based on our experience.
There are a couple solutions to this .
We just blocked or created a filter on the main account :) , and added additional user for the notifications to go there .

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