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Aug 23, 2014
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Hey Guys,

I have an employee in our sales department here who wants to learn more about Google Places. She doesn't know much about it at all because her job in the past was just answering phones and sending reports to clients.

Does anyone have some recommendations of an online course or book that goes over all the basics of Google Places (How to rank, The issue of duplicates, How to tell a local listing from a merged listing from a business page, NAP issues etc)?
I wish I knew of a good resource Joy. Since I don't teach 101, only advanced issues, I get asked that question a lot. Plus often have business owners or newbie consultants that want to take my course but it's only open to experienced consultants.

This thread Colan started has some great tips:
How To Train New Local Marketing Staff Members

A business associate of mine asked a couple months ago if I minded if they created a beginner course and asked if I'd help promote it or partner on it. But I have not heard anything since, so I don't know if they've moved forward on it. I'll try to find the PM and follow up with them.

There are some eBooks and WSOs but sometimes those things are more get-rich-quick type info products and don't know or stick to the guidelines or best practices, so I'd be afraid of teaching staff bad tricks.

I think Imprezzio should come up with a course for your own staff, then let me help you sell it to the masses. :p
I love that idea :) I was thinking about that too.

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