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Jun 26, 2013
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I'm looking for some advice on a current situation I have with a client.

- He has an existing google place business page - ranking great w/a lot of reviews - however it was set up a long time ago on an email account that we have access to, but it has multiple other clients on it as well.

- The client wants to create a google+ business listing, and in fact has, created one already under a different email.

- The google place business interface has not yet updated to the new one yet for us.


Should I have the client delete the google+ business page he created? Can I get his existing place page off of the email I have it under now? Should I wait until the interface updates and see what my options are? I'm trying to decide what my best option is because I'm unsure even after the interface updates, what my options will be for connecting the old place page and a new g+ page.

Any advice appreciated - thanks.
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Re: Google Places Help - Client in Master GP Account.

Hi Adam,

Since this is not general topic but about a specific very complicated problem, I moved to the help and support forum.

To get help you need to add the details for the client - listed in the rules here.

Theses issues get complicated and the answer is ALWAYS - it depends on the specific situation. So we need to see what we are talking about or we'll be wasting time shooting in the dark. So please post requested details.

You have a multitude of issues and a very serious problem. (Having multiple clients in same account.) Undoing this problem is complicated and could hurt your client on multiple levels.

I'm tied up in consultations for other consultants through Sunday. Will try to check back then.

In meantime once you add the details hopefully other members will jump in to try to help.

thank you for the direction. I will post more carefully in the future. I appreciate your quick response and help! Thanks

LINK to G+ Local OR if it's missing, link to web site:

Name, address, phone (as listed in dashboard):
Catania and Catania, PA
101 East Kennedy Blvd.
Bank of America Plaza, Suite 2400
Tampa FL 33602
United States

Verification date:
not sure, definitely a yr+

The current place account is in an email account with 15+ other businesses. Problems noted in original post.

Related History:
personal injury law firm in Tampa, Florida. Have been dominant for 2+ years in rankings and continue to hold strong.

Screenshot(s) if helpful:

IF RANKING PROBLEM: What City + Keyword?
ranking great..and have been for 2 years?. but we're dealing with a lot more competition and I'm concerned about the existing setup and future of ranking/account. I also want to connect authorship and hopefully at some point merge into google+
Hi Adam,

As Linda mentioned there are issues that can arise from having a G+ Local page claimed in an account that has multiple listings claimed in it. There is also baggage that can come with the process of removing a listing from one account and claiming it into another one.

There are several roads you can go down with this situation. Since your client is currently ranking well and has reviews, my first instinct would be to leave it as is and wait to see what you can do once the dashboard has upgraded to the new one.

At that point you will be able to do an auto-upgrade to the local G+ page with the social features.

My only concern would be that there are violations with some of the other 15 listings in that account which could lead to a penalty of some nature for the entire account. Maybe that's not the case though.

You can still set-up authorship regardless of what account the G+ Local page is claimed in. You need a personal G+ profile to do that.
Yep Colan is right on.

One of the big concerns I have he alluded to. With all the consultants I help here, in my consulting business and at the G forum, I've found that typically if they have clients in one account and don't know what a big problem that can be, then they usually also have other violations and multiple problems.

For instance I see a violation just in that one listing you shared.

So the biggest problem with having all clients in one account is all it takes is one or 2 violations and Google will sometimes suspend the ENTIRE account. That means all your clients, even the ones with clean listings are suspended.

Starting over with a new account can mean lost reviews and no ranking for 6 - 8 weeks and sometimes months to rebuild previous ranking. (Worst case).

So because it's such a big deal to move a listing or set up in new account, like Colan I almost recommend waiting to see if there are any other options once you get new dash and everything is upgraded.

But in meantime you should do thorough audit to be sure no other violations anywhere and all those listings are squeaky clean. But the prob is there are lots of new rules and unwritten rules some consultants don't even know are a problem. Cuz you don't know what you dont know - ya know?

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