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Jun 28, 2012
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This is interesting. We all know how Google loves to crowd source. And we know how she likes to display review snippets and other data she pulls from crowd sourcing.

Google Guides just shared that Google is now polling customers via the Maps App.
Wonder if/where they'll be displaying this data???

One more big reason companies need to focus on customer service as well as SEO.

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Let's get a discussion and some speculation going.

Do you think Google will eventually start showing these ratings???

Example: 70% of customers say this restaurant is popular.

If so, where? In the knowledge graph? And embed right on maps? On the G+ L page???

Do you think this could in any way be some type of ranking signal? In other words evidence of trust, good service and popularity? (Wearing my tinfoil hat now.) :eek:
Very interesting. Nice find, Linda. I'm guessing Google will use these tidbits for the "people talk about" snippets, the blurbs in the "snack pack" results, and in the knowledge graph, at the very least.

I'm sure the snippets will have an indirect effect on rankings, by influencing click-through. I could also picture Google using the data as an extension of categories.

Yelp has been doing this for years, but only posing the questions to reviewers.

This could be big.

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