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Jan 13, 2022
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I have a client's post that got removed, apparently from using a picture from one of their vendors. But they are a retailer, so the products they're selling are not their own. Any input on how to get away with this? Also, is it possible to get suspended because of this issue? I'm a bit cautious about publishing another post if the profile can get suspended. Thank you!
I'm not sure which policy your post violated, if any... Sometimes posts are just rejected without any clear reason. I wouldn't worry too much about it. If your posts are done in good faith, do not obviously violate any policies and are not spammy I doubt it will get your location suspended.

I publish (a lot of) gibberish posts with random images all the time to test my WordPress plugin and a lot of them get rejected before I manually delete them. And my locations haven't been suspended (yet:))
Google typically only removes the ability to post photos with repeated violations. The only time I have seen images cause a suspension was with sexually suggestive photos. It ended up being an account-level suspension as the same image was used in multiple locations. Just make sure you are not using copyright material or stock images.

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