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Jul 26, 2012
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Hi Everyone,

A topic of discussion has been why Product Carousels do not appear on many GMBs that have products. I was told several times that it appears to be an issue with older GMBs and Google is working on it. I work with Auto Dealers and many do not have a product carousel to showcase their new and used vehicles, while some of their competition does.

I have been actively been engaging with Google support over the months and just received this email from a GMB support person. (see image)

Anyone have any input regarding keywords and attributes influencing the product carousel suddenly appearing in GMBs where it previously was not?

i try to stay up on GMB current events and wanted to know if i missed something.
Hey Jeffrey, we actually just had several clients get the product tab so I think Google is doing some sort of final push to all the businesses that don't have them yet. So as annoying as this sounds, I think you just need to keep waiting and expect them to show-up soon(ish).

That response snippet from GMB support is an odd one. No clue what they mean by keywords. I assume they mean categories.
+1 must be category and attribute determined. That impacts what features are available elsewhere in GMB too.

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