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Nov 11, 2015
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Looking for some advice on what is the best thing to do in this case. This business has been operating since 1924. As far as I know, they've had a GMB Listing since people started getting them. They've hired us to build a new website and manage their GMB listing. They cancelled their website with a well known yellow page company (which in itself is like pulling teeth or getting congress to act) and when we went to check the map their GMB listing had dropped off the planet. Poof gone. We had it bookmarked and when we went to request access it was flat out gone. We believe they did not have a collection of reviews. Perhaps only one review. My question to any expert up here is, is there a benefit to go to the trouble of contacting Google to get the listing restored or should we just create a new listing? I keep thinking that it would have an "age" and that it would help their search better than creating a new listing but I can't find any information to support this thought. Having it restored would give us "insights" which has a value. We would really like to know what happened and if Google did this or if we are correct in our suspicions but realize we will need help from someone who cares to get any attention. If the yellow page company is responsible, this will be the second time it has happened to one of our "new" customers. Someone needs to make it stop. I really appreciate any and all help you can provide.

I have also posted this in the GMB Community and will reply here if anyone gives advice.

Thanks in advance,
Hi Heidi,

Can you share the GMB Community post URL here so we can take a look? This can happen sometimes when a listing gets removed from the GBP dashboard. Since you do have the listing maps CID URL bookmarked, I would contact support to see if they can revive it.
I wanted to leave an update here for others, who might have a similar scenario.

What transpired:
The profile in question was not able to be reinstated because it had been deleted by the yellow page company soon after the business canceled their yellow page program. We learned that Google can't retrieve profiles that have been deleted by a user of the profile. If you come across this you will save a lot of time by creating a new profile. Not to be confused with Google removing one. Only in the case of a user (who was logged into the GBP account) has deleted a profile should you create a new one. If Google deletes it you have to go through that channel to attempt reinstatement.

In this case:
A new profile was created and verified by phone. After the verification code was entered we edited the profile by removing two areas of law that the attorneys (the business is an attorney's office) wanted removed. As soon as we made the edits the profile reverted back to needing to be verified again. You are supposed to be able to continue working on a profile after you have entered the code (a window loads telling you this) but it didn't work in this case. We sent an email to Google about it. They said it needed to be reverified again because we had made a change. That was frustrating but nothing one can do about it. We selected "verify" again but this time Google required the verification be done by the postcard method. A week later the postcard arrived, we entered the code and the next window said it had been verified. A few minutes later we received an email that the listing had been suspended for suspicious behavior. Dizzying and frustrating when this happens but if it happens to you keep calm and laugh. Laughter makes everything better 😂

It took almost three months but thanks to patience and to Colan's undying help in the GBP Community (aka GMB) >>>> Google finally reinstated the profile.

Thank you Colan! You are golden!

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