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Mar 4, 2013
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Hi Linda,

Not sure if this is linked to the Actions reducing to 0 as per my previous posts and the whole Places page interface change but 2 of our brands seem to be experiencing a bulk "We currently do not support the location" after clicking on See your listing on Google from the Google+ Local Dashboard.

Almost all of them are experiencing this problem but searching for the listing on Maps the listing can be located. Other brands are not affected by this and not sure why this is occurring for these 2?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Delwin,

Would you mind sharing links to the listings and perhaps a screenshot of what's in the Dashboard so that we can offer the best possible advice?

Hi Colan,

Thanks for your reply.
This is a link to one of the listings that is effected after clicking on "See your listing on Google" and goes into "We currently do not support the location".
This is for the whole accounts listings.
Hope the above links work
Help please?
So sorry. Doing free support 50 hours a week trying to help everyone, but there are just so many problems I can't keep up with all the help threads!

See this section for more info: LIMITED FREE ADVICE from LINDA in the HELP forum

Am behind on paid support I'm doing for other consultants and they need to come 1st. So sometimes I can't get back to all the help threads. Hopefully others can chip in with ideas.

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