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Jun 28, 2012
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We've been seeing lately that increasingly Google is showing you everything she thinks you may want to know about a business, right in the SERPs. If the following is any indication of things to come, it solidifies the need to have a social presence on Google+.

I just noticed Google+ widgets in sidebar with "Follow" button and latest post?
Is this new? I've never seen it before. (See Local SMB listing in last image)

I searched for Guitar Center. (My location was set to Chicago at the time.)

The top sidebar is the standard G+ Local page info. But the little branded box below I think is new.


After clicking the link in the little branded box above I land at this screen.


Also note the little search box to search right from the SERPs.

So again Google is putting everything she thinks we need, want to see or would look for about a company right in the SERPs.

At 1st I thought this new widget was only showing up for big brands. I wondered if it would spread to smaller brand local searches. I had to search a few different ways to find it. IT ALREADY IS!

Search for Flowers of the Field Las Vegas

Click the down arrow under the name in right sidebar and you'll see.


NOTE: In a regular KW search if you click their right arrows, the sidebar just shows the G+ L info panel we are used to. This new info panel with the G+ info only shows up for a branded search.

So there it is again. Google+ social - seeping into everything more and more.

What do you think? Have you seen this before? Maybe it's been around and I just never noticed it until now? Or do you think it's brand new?




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