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Thank you for the endorsement Tim! I'll keep my eyes open for your post about your experience on our platform. We're always happy to hear that you've had such a great experience.

Don - Sounds like you've done your due diligence and tried out a few different platforms. Review marketing is becoming more and more competitive as people continue to understand the value of reviews in search.

We're always happy to set up a demo if you want to take a deeper dive into our platform. Otherwise, we offer a 30 day free trial if you just wanted to take it for a spin.
Oops, well this is embarrassing. You?re *that* Don. I?d be pretty amazing at my job if I had you on board with the platform. My apologies!

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Interested in finding out about a solution that is strictly review monitoring -- and priced as such. We'll work next on the acquisition strategy, but that will be a longer haul and some excellent and reliable review monitoring will help keep the idea of a review strategy on the radar for a client.

My understanding is that all of the vendors listed so far in this thread offer both monitoring and acquisition tools, or listing management and hoping to find an affordable, reliable strictly monitoring tool.

Appreciate any assistance!
It's a great question.
So far the only "systems" I've seen have been home-grown & in-house for strictly review monitoring. Very often, spreadsheet based...

Would be interesting if anyone is aware of anything else.

Maybe a market opportunity?!
It's true that most agencies/SEOs who do review management--and most of us vendors who serve them--see greater value in strategies that include the stuff that actually impacts an end-client's local visibility, such as review acquisition and amplification.

Monitoring is arguably more valuable when serving those ends, so even those who offer it "free" on top of other services don't offer it unbundled.

But the OP (PioneerMedia John) asks specifically about solutions that *don't* bundle monitoring with other stuff and are "priced as such". One that I've come across is I cannot vouch for the quality of the service--I did test it at one point with mixed results--but it does purport to offer what you're looking for, and at the right price ;-)
Much belated thanks for the replies above. No question review strategy (monitoring and acquisition) is critical, couldn't agree more. Convincing client's is my challenge. Interestingly, it's the oldest companies with the best offline reputations that seem to struggle most with it IMHO.

I think the monitoring is one thing that can nudge the client in that direction and fairly quickly. It's definitely worth more than free, but perhaps not as much as a tool that also provides acquisition functionality.
There's actually a new player in the market. Have a look at I know quite a few businesses that already started using it. It's not that feature rich as or getfivestars, however, the guys are developing it quite fast and also, its price point is completely different.

p.s. in GBP but they said that USD will be available at some point, however, it did not make any difference to our accountant :)

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