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Thanks Chris that one was on my list to share 1st thing this AM. But you already did it so I don't have to. So THANKS! :)

What's really cool for anyone shopping is the feature comparison chart.

There you can clearly see Bright and Scout are the ones that have the most LOCAL features.
Thank you so much for posting this link!

I just want to take a moment to praise the level of effort that clearly went into that article. Think of the research just to get all the data together. I'm impressed and grateful for the effort. Nice job!
Thanks for sharing this Chris. I noticed it at the time on my RSS reader, but just got round to looking at it.

It's fantastic the range of tools that are available. I suppose I'm quite comfortable using about 3/4 of them at the moment: BrightLocal, Places Scout, Whitespark LCF and GetListed. There's so many tools available for SEO/Local SEO that you have to find the ones that work best for you. I'd also say that cost is a factor and that it's quite nice to have as few as possible that do the most.

I have to say that (whilst I love BrightLocal), Places Scout is a very nice program to use for rank tracking (which has been traditionally difficult for Local results). On my "to-do" list at the moment is to explore the other functions that Places Scout has. I know that it can do other things but I use it for rank tracking at the moment.

Has anyone else used the other functions of Places Scout?
Hey Nick,

I'm also a big fan of Scout's competitive analysis features. That module is called "Find Local Clients" so can be used for prospecting but I think best for research/analysis.

In another post I wrote: "Have a new prospect or client and want to QUICKLY size up their market to find out exactly what it will take to get them ranking for that city + keyword? OR having trouble getting an existing client ranking? Check the top 10 listings in their market so you can see exactly what their competitors have going for them that your client is missing."

I did a write up below and show a video from Mark that explains how that module works:
Thanks for sharing Linda. It just goes to show just how powerful Places Scout is! It can do everything - Like you said Linda, it's the "Swiss Army Knife" for Local.

I've also been very impressed with Mark Kabana and his passion/enthausiasm for the product. He's certainly very efficient at getting plenty of updates out adding new features and solving bugs straight away. Also, the help videos are very good.

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