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Feb 28, 2014
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I've been using Mobilizer but it doesnt seem to work well at all anymore. The big functionality that I am looking for is the ability to check a site through different simulated devices and see a how sites look. Would be great if it could actually act as a mobile user agent so that I get forwarded over to the m.domain if one exists.

I don't know Mark, but just Tweeted this thread to try to get some options for ya. :)
Thanks Linda, I just realized that Mobilizer has developed an entire paid version etc since I first downloaded, I suspect that I have an old free version that they don't update anymore.
I had an Add-on in Chrome called Dimensions. I looked for it and cannot find the same one I had. I will continue to look for it and post back if I'm able to find the correct one. It had 2 diagonal arrows pointing at one another.

In the meantime, if you right click and "Inspect Element," there is a magnifying glass icon and a device like icon. Click the device like icon and you can select various models of mobile devices and see how your site renders on it.
In the latest versions of Firefox, click Tools > Web Developer > Responsive Design View and you can choose various screen sizes, not only standard smart phones and tablets but also different screen sizes for desktops and laptops.
If you have a local co-working space, try to find on Google as these are slowly starting to offer these types of services for real.

It's very hard to compromise for every device, however I would check your Analytics log for the most used devices to see how this effects.

More importantly, use the to see how your site adds up in the mobile friendly tool and you can find suggestions accordingly.

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