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Aug 23, 2014
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I found out about this today and absolutely love it. Linda Buquet introduced me to Marie Haynes a couple years ago and she's my go-to-expert on anything relating to backlinks, manual penalties or Penguin.

She has a tool that allows you to insert a URL if you're not sure if it's bad or not and she'll let you know if she's come across it and what she thinks:

Ex: I had a client who had a former SEO try and claim that - General Web Directory was a wonderful directory because Moz said it had authority. When you put it in her tool, you'll get:

Directory Spam.jpg

Directory Spam.jpg
Very, very cool! Thanks Joy
Very useful. Thanks, Joy. Finally a quick way to check a specific link without having to jump into Majestic or Moz.
Thanks so much for posting this Joy.

I've been working on my blacklist for over three years now. Every time I do a link audit, if I come across a domain that I would always want to disavow or perhaps that I would always want to keep, I'll update my blacklist.

I had a bunch of people ask me if I would sell it, but rather than do that I thought I'd create a tool to allow people to check a link across my blacklist. I've considered offering a paid service to allow a bulk check of links and may still do so if there is enough interest.

I've had lots of people suggest that I crowdsource the data and allow others to add to the list. When I first made my blacklist, this is exactly what I did. I had a lot of other peoples' disavow files because I have reviewed quite a few. But I found that I could not rely on other people's link auditing decisions. I was finding many domains in the blacklist that didn't belong there. As such, every domain that is in this list is one that I have personally reviewed.

I'm always looking for ways to improve upon the tool and am open for feedback.

Very cool! Thanks for stopping by Marie!

And thanks for sharing Joy!

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