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Feb 25, 2014
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It looks like Google is back testing things again.

There was a post back in 2014 about the same Green Stars showing up -

Now maybe I've been asleep for the past year and a half, but wasn't it gold/orange stars just a few days ago?

Maybe it's just me, but I'm back to seeing green stars while not logged into an account. If i'm logged in on gmail, then I see the orange stars.

Please tell me that it's Google testing something again, and I'm not only now noticing something. :)

green stars.png

If it's been around a while, please kill this thread and send me my homework assignment!

green stars.png
I've actually been seeing a lot of blue stars in the SERPs. Maybe they're testing different colors for different data centers.
Thanks for sharing Conor!

Yep she's been testing star colors a lot lately.

Jen from SEMpost has reported recently about gray, blue and teal stars.
Here's the one about gray and linked inside are the blue and teal star posts.

<a href="">Google Testing Gray Stars in Ratings, Local & AdWords</a>

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