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Dec 3, 2013
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Can we hack QDF with WP plugins?

Having content that is regularly updated not only boosts crawl rate, but Google gives preference to pages which are continually updated. However, for evergreen queries which don't change much, updating may not see much ranking benefit.

But if you think a query you're trying to rank for will benefit from freshness, here's an idea.

I noticed there's a couple "scheduled content updater" plugins on the market like TAO Schedule Update.

The problem is:
1) You can't schedule multiple updates at once. It would be ideal to "daisy chain" multiple updates over weeks/months at once.
2) The old post is replaced with a new post, so a new date is placed. Thus, the blog post appears at the top of the blog. (this doesn't bother me too much, but would be nice if it didn't do that)

Anyone out there that knows of a better solution than TAO?
QDF = Query Deserves Freshness (for those not familiar with the acronym)

I'm not familiar with wordpress update schedulers, but after a search it seems that the TAO plugin is the one that most sites talk about.

I did find these two however that mention scheduling revisions:


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