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Jun 28, 2012
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Happy Birthday Local Search Forum

We Are "One"
and My How We've Grown!

<img src="" alt="" title="birthday" width="320" />​

We did our formal launch of the Local Search Forum a year ago today. In one short year we've grown to over 1000 members and almost 22,000 info-packed posts. I've launched a few forums in my day and forums are extremely hard to build up. This forum took off like a rocket ship for 2 reasons:

1) The local search industry is highly complicated and confusing. People are hungry for answers and a place to share tips as well as frustrations. We needed a community!

2) The caliber of members we've attracted, who are willing to share their knowledge and insights.

I didn't have time to bake a cake, but I do have a couple Birthday treats! :)

<img src="" alt="" title="forumMarker" width="130" align="left" hspace="10" />
I got us a badly needed make-over. This place suffers from cobblers shoes syndrome. I focus all my energy on helping folks and I've not had time to work on design.

But I finally made time to get an official logo designed, so we now have a brand new Map Marker Puzzle Logo and a color refresh to brighten this place up a little.

One other update - The Local News Forum now features news from the leading Local Search Blogs, like Mike Blumenthal's and Phil's Local Visibility System... I created a bot that will import their feeds, so you can catch all the latest news all in one place - right here. (I'll be adding a few more feeds soon.)

My goal was to our new logo AND our new domain: up in time for this little celebration, but I've been too buried to get the site moved over. So that won't happen now til fall. But the new domain does point here, so if anyone ever wants a shorter link - it works. (Yes I lucked out scoring that domain in an auction!)

Most importantly today I want to send out a huge thank you to members and our team.

It's YOU GUYS, the members here, that make this forum the dynamic resource that it is. We sincerely appreciate each and every one of you for your contribution. There is no way we could have grown this fast and strong without each of you. It's the collective knowledge in this forum that makes it one of the leading resources in the industry.

Last, but not least I'd like to thank my highly valued Forum Administrator, David, who does all the back end tech stuff to free me up to focus on the front end. And a very special and heart-felt thank you goes out to our Mods and Top Contributors: Colan, Miriam, Phil, Marie, Travis and Nick.

I honestly could not do this without your help and sincerely appreciate you all!

OK, so who brought the virtual birthday cake??? Let's party!
Wanted to mention that Branko Loncar from l u d i b e s | den of designs is who I contracted to design on our new logo. He was excellent to work with and patient with me as I refined the concept and changed my mind about a zillion times. I highly recommend him.
Happy Birthday Local Search Forum!!

Thanks for all that you do Linda!
Thanks again Colan for YOUR help. Couldn't do this without my 'right hand man'! :)
Happy Birthday! Been a fun year. Thanks, Linda. This is the only forum I've ever given a hoot about.

By the way, great choice on the new logo.
Thanks Phil for all YOUR help here at the forum!

Glad you give a hoot :p and glad you like the new logo.

It was a blast coming up with the right concept and design, but a lot of work to get it tweaked just right. So glad it's done.

Now I just need to find time to update the main site and logos on all my social profiles. :eek:
Happy birthday!! I've only been visiting here for the past several months, but it has quickly become my first stop for Local news and problems, and I am constantly linking others to various posts to help explain what's going on.

Thanks everyone!
Thanks for the kind words Dave, Matthew, John and Darren!

Seriously can't believe it's already been a year. So many more things in the planning stages that will make this place even better. If only I had more time to pull them all off!

Thanks for your support guys. I work for you!
Can't believe it's been only a year. With as much information that everyone has contributed, it seems like it has been longer than that. Thanks for all you do for us Linda!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! This is by far the best resource I have ever FOUND in this field. I remember the first day I found it I couldn't stop reading all of the posts and I neglected my work duties for a few days just to absorb all of the information here! I love this place!! Here is to many many many more years!;)
My birthday wish:

Linda, may you see the forum reflecting back your generosity, your passion and your high standards, always.

One year in, it's already looking awesome!

Happy Birthday Local Search Community! You've cut your first teeth. :cool:
Ryan, Marie.

Thank you both for the good wishes and all your support!
My birthday wish:

Linda, may you see the forum reflecting back your generosity, your passion and your high standards, always.

One year in, it's already looking awesome!

Happy Birthday Local Search Community! You've cut your first teeth. :cool:

Ahhh Miriam, your birthday wish touched my heart!

Yep we cut our 1st tooth - now on to our terrible twos. :p

Thanks for helping us grow!
Congratulations and I love the new logo.

Glad to be in contact with you and looking forward to more "action" around here. LOL

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