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Oct 9, 2019
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I know they said it was going to roll out over May but as it approaches the end of the month I was curious if anyone has gotten theirs yet? (For yourself or clients?)
No - I have two clients with sizeable ad spend budgets who paused all ads in March and filled out the first and second forms, but have heard nothing.
Hopefully this week stuff starts to shake out - they sure really did mean "late May" on their FAQs page. Wonder how long these phases last...

Starting in late May, we will begin rolling out the ad credit in phases. Over the following months, eligible customers will be notified and will see the ad credit applied in their Google Ads account.
We are in Australia and got quite a lot of credit for our customers. Most I saw for an individual CID was $1020 credit ( Customer spent around $30K for the 12 months).

But average credit for smaller advertisers was $380 ( Typical spend for 12 months for these accounts was $6K AUD)

One interesting credit was a Home Loans client we have that has spent $6M in the last 12 months got $900, Not sure why as they are not a small business.

All up we got credits for around 60 clients. We manage around 600 advertisers. So around 1 in 12 got credits so far.
We just got a credit for our own account today. Haven't seen any credits yet for our clients.
Our agency just got a handful of credits for our clients today as well.

Merry Google Ads Credit Christmas to you all 🎉
A bunch of clients of ours in the USA got ad credits today 🎉🥳
Yes, I had an automotive after market accessories shop get $300 a couple weeks ago. USA
Yes several - we work with SMBs, mostly service oriented, and credits began to roll out early this week. Hang in there, they're on the way!
Got an ad credit for a client about 3 days ago. I consider the client a good customer of adwords, spending maybe 15K per year for the last 5 years. I know that amount may be small compared to other businesses.

This is a client whose enitre 20 year business is threatened right now. The ads credit was for ...... $300. What a joke. I hope Google doesn't think this is a helpful response to Covid.
A lot of ours got $300 as well. Some that were spending about $3000+ a month on average got $750. Personally, I'm happy to get whatever they're willing to give. They didn't have to give us anything.

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