Jun 9, 2015
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Hey Guys & Girls,

We have 5, 5* reviews and ratings on our Google My Business page. When we appear in the 7-pack and in the SERPs, you see that we have "5 Google Reviews" but it doesn't show the actual star rating with the 5 star shapes.

Is there a certain number of reviews we need before people can see our star rating in the SERPs?

Do we need a plugin or any coding on our website to enable these stars to show?



Jul 22, 2012
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The trigger number is usually 5 but varies and takes a while to show up in SERPS in my experience.


Jan 4, 2013
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It's coming Bigd. Make sure that all five are visible to public. Give a couple of weeks for indexes to update.

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Jun 9, 2015
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hmm. we do have at 5 reviews but it's only been up to 1 week since we got them.

Yes, i believe they are all visible to the public. Under the GMB page - About.. it just says 5 reviews under "Review Summary". Thought the star rating should be in there too?


Jun 24, 2015
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The review summary also takes some time to render. I would wait two weeks before I began to get concerned. In the mean time, generate some more!
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