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Nov 11, 2015
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These hijackers just don't quit.

This restaurant posted this ownership issue with a company that creates a website, gets access to listing and switches over the website.

Original Post in GMB Forum

Digging into this later unraveled quite a large "scam" going, which I wrote about in Restaurant online ordering scam article which uncovers approx 5000 restaurants possible being affected.

I escalated the issue and the listing was released back to the correct owner. I also provided quite a few examples to the Spam team who sadly have not dived any deeper then the reported examples.

Part 2:

Aaagh the same user comes back to the forum and reports it happened again.

The "bad guys" requested ownership, which was rejected. The part that leaves me wondering whats going on here, is how did they convince support to send a 2nd PIN.

Thought you would all find this interesting as well as disturbing in equal measure.

Have you come across this before where the "bad" guys kept coming back?

Does anyone have an idea as to how much these restaurant scams can make a day, week, month ?

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