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Dec 12, 2013
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I am working with a Gym that has a few businesses rolling up together at the same address..

In some instances, the GYM and the Spa have the same physical address but, different phone numbers. I don't think this is a big problem, but, I am asking if they can add a suite number to their address. Any other thoughts?

At a few locations the Gym, Spa, and Pilates studio all have the same address and same phone number but want to be treated differently or SEO. Aside from telling them to get a unique phone number, is there anything else they can do?

Has anyone run into this before?
Hey HB, You can run into problems using the same phone number (NAP) for each business in your situation. In Local search you want Google to differentiate each business. Ultimately, you would want to have a different number for each business. Also, if you want to share some more info, more people will add there thoughts.
I'm having a similar problem.

One of my clients has multiple addresses that operate under an umbrella company. The address of their headquarters is in a semi-major city which is nice, but they want all of their phone calls to be directed to one of their other facilities in a completely different city (same area code). The problem is that the location that they want their calls directed to already has a bunch of citations built under that same phone number, causing confusion for the search engines as to which address they should point to.

I've tried to emphasize to my client that having the same phone number under 2 different addresses and company names will hurt them, but they want to do it anyway.

Does anyone know of a solution?
We have the same kind of situation before but the difference is that he owned those 2 businesses. The business is a halloween costumes rental shop and another that is also costumes rental shop, but he want to list it as 2 different business. What we do is that we get them different phone # for each business and we add suite # on the address.
We work with a lot of franchises that own multiple franchises out of the same location. We use different phone, websites and suite numbers to help differentiate the businesses on different directories.
JV - what do you use to get a new phone number? Just looking for a cheap solution for the client.
we get a local phone #. I dunno if they guys here will recommend call forwarding services but if you are looking for it check twilio.

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