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Jun 28, 2012
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Just found a crazy Google+ Local loophole. I mean really crazy and potentially really good.

Can't share in public or Google will close it and spammers will abuse it. But it's totally white hat, it's just something the algo is misinterpreting and allowing in, that it should be filtering out. Or actually it's an anomaly that's showing up in the wrong place and should not show up at all, but is counted by the algo. Something that's totally legit for you to do, just should not be showing up on G+L pages or boosting ranking, but I think is.

Anyway many of the "Local Search Pros" that have taken my training miss my posts in the private forum, because those private posts don't show up in the RSS feed and because I made the discovery and posted on Sunday when no one is here. So wanted to alert you guys to that thread. The post is at top of private section and goes into extensive detail about this loophole and how to potentially use it to your advantage. Some of us are sharing, as we test it to see if/how much it boosts ranking.

So if you've taken my Advanced Google+ Training, you should have access to the private forum.
Go check out the top post. :)

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