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Feb 22, 2021
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We are working with a home-based in Montreal, Quebec who are ranking well locally and their local search grid is also doing pretty well. They are also getting good leads because of good rankings. Now, they have a new address (approx four miles away from his current address using which the GMB was postcard verified) but that is also a home address and he does not want to show the address in Google.

Q1- Shall we reverify the GMB listing using the new address and then hide the address?
Q2- In citations (where the address can't be hidden), shall we re-work on those and update with new address?
Q3- Any other things we should look into or consider?
Hi Matt,

Yes to the 1st two questions.

Other than that you should be good. Whether or not rankings improve after the address update depends on whether you are closer or further away from your market, generally speaking.

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