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Jun 28, 2012
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Answer The Public for Local Content Ideas


"Google Autocomplete on Steroids - It's like Mindreading your Market!

I shared a cool tool back in January, that many folks here loved!
<a href="">The Most Amazing Local Keyword & Content Idea Tool EVER!</a>

About a dozen pros responded with comments like:

"Mind Blown... Wow, that is one amazing tool!" Greg Schueler
"Holy that's pretty wild. Great share!" Luke Austin
"SWEET SAUCE! Excellent idea and tool at first look." Cody Baird
"Has Christmas arrived a little bit late. It looks amazing!" John Garghan

The tool is I gave a few examples of how to use it for local (link above).

SEMRush just came out with a new post that goes into additional detail in terms of digging down to find the GEO questions local people have and the type of hyper local content they are interested in - that could turn into a linkable asset.

<a href="">How to Use AnswerThePublic to Create Local Linkable Content</a>

This is just one way to create a local-focused linkable asset. However, the more research you do, the more your content will resonate with local webmasters and bloggers, and the more links you?ll be able to build.

For a new site, a new business, a new client for your agency, or just a website you?re trying to generate more visibility for, this should work great.

When it comes to creating engaging content, there?s no more need to assume you know what people are asking about. Let free tools like AnswerThePublic do the work for you!

Above is just a snippet, so head over to read the rest for lots of screenshots and some great tips.

Try it now:

What do you think???

What other keyword and content idea generating tools do you like?

Image credit: Learn Internet Grow

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This has gone viral the last two weeks. There will be a bunch of new FAQ pages popping up in niches imo.
Thanks for the link Linda - I missed that article in my RSS feed so nice to pick it up here.

I've been digging into ATP a bit recently as part of my drive to return to personal blogging and I really enjoy its simple and yet powerful data.

I agree with Justin that there's likely to be a rash of FAQ pages popping up as a result of this article, but in my opinion the true strength of the tool for Local is in building out solid location landing pages. Use ATP wisely and you can come up with some pretty interesting content starting points for neighbourhoods; suburbs and town.

For example I have a client who has a number of locations including an office in Bondi Junction, a suburb of Sydney. Trying to write interesting, useful and unique content for each of her pages has been difficult. With ATP though, I get 20 questions; 28 prepositions and 274 alphabetical just for Bondi Junction.

There's got to be stuff in there I can use!
Linda, awesome share. I actually hadn't heard of this site before. I certainly plan to start referencing it. Thanks so much! You are AWESOME!:)
Sorry to reboot in old thread, but I saw a mention about Linda with regards to this in a March article about Local Landing Pages on Moz. Good Job Linda!!

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