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Jul 27, 2012
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OK, I'm probably being blonde again but I can't work out how to reply to a review on the new dashboard.

I am logged in with the business's account

On the About page, I can see a Review Summary and that there is one review but no way of accessing it. I can also write a review of the business - which I'm pretty sure the rules say that you're not supposed to do :O

Further down the page, I see All Reviews and I can see the review I want to reply to. However, the only options I can see are to share or report the review but not how to reply to it.

Put me out of my misery please :)
Hi Jo, reviews can be responded to inside the new places dash under the reviews tab. Try that and let us know if that works.

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Thank you Colan - Blonde again, I was in totally the wrong place :O

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