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Oh shucks, I had completely forgotten to go over that article sorry, will go through it today and tomorrow, thanks.

Yes I had checked the backlinks and done competition research on those two sites and one other which was ranking in the 3 pack. I did not see anything spectacular on any of them regarding backlinks, only thing that stood out is they have a ton of kw's on google.
I think that's good news for this business. The competition in the map pack is fairly low to be honest, the top spot only has a couple of reviews and a few that rank don't have any!

With some effort on the GMB listing, some link building, maybe some more reviews coming in, I think you have a solid chance at making some movement in that market.

Remember, SEO is an ongoing effort and not just a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor. If you end up making some headway, it will require continual effort and maintenance to retain and build on those gains.
Therein lies the problem. Of course I know SEO requires monthly continuous work, it's knowing exactly "what" more can I do to keep progressing is my issue.

On one site with less competition I have always done well with blogs which is why I am focusing on it. When I type the focus kw on google it leads back directly to that blog.
I don't mind doing the work, whatever it takes and I will learn in the process.

You mentioned having the word "queens" one time on the page, since there is not much content on the Home page, maybe I should link to the services page instead?

. Now I will make sure the words "Boiler repair queens" is there around 4 times in every blog she writes from now on no matter what the articles will be written about.
Would it make sense to use this long tail kw's in each article?

boiler and heating repair service technician queens Nyc

that contains quite a few kw's but no one would actually type all of those words.

Or since the aim is to rank for Boiler Repair would it be better to simply go with what someone would actually type which would be "boiler repair service" and put that kw a few times into each article? Since Google would list all local results in Queens first then no need to add the word Queens to Boiler repair service?

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