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Dec 9, 2014
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I started working with a Las Vegas client who cleans (in addition to other services) stone floors. Anyway - I did a video because I think this is probably the worst abuse of Google business pages I've seen in a long time.

06.05.2016-11.17.16 - Soaringaway's library

google stone floor cleaning las vegas

Silver State (SS) has 10 map positions!

How are they getting away with this? @joyhawkins or @lindabuquet - any idea how to get some of this cleaned up?

I know I could report spam all day; however, I'm not sure that is a successful measure.

Linda added image for G+ sharing.


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<meta property="og:image" content=""/>

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Sheesh! Thanks Holly! That's a good one :rolleyes:

I did a little more digging. Can't do too much with my hands so I didn't check more than a few. But I was curious what they were using for locations, and one I found was a house the other was a UPS store. Which figures, but of course there's another violation using UPS.

And haha, one of their addresses on Yelp is "123 Call Today, Las Vegas NV"

They also have tons of fake reviews from what I could see. Here is one example - someone that has 5 reviews, all for different SS listings. :(

The easiest way to report en masse and be sure something gets done, is to post at the G Community. You can copy all of this including my examples. Then post the link here for me so I can find it and I'll escalate.

The G Community? Do you mean yours or? Well, I know this will sound stupid - but what is the link for the G Community?
I would report 'em to Yelp as well. Both for fake reviews and for duplicate listings.

Here is the official link

Thanks for your help with this.

Thanks for the link Holly. By the time I got there, Helmut had already escalated.
Let you know if we hear anything, but we usually don't after it goes to the spam team.
Please keep us posted if anything changes.

I know there is a lot of spam out there, but this one is pretty severe.
Have you guys seen results this bad?
Sadly, this is very common. I find a new bunch like this at least once a week.

I didn't even take the time to look at Yelp; however, I will and thanks for the tip.

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