Mar 1, 2013
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Search query "Dallas Movers" & "Movers in Dallas" and I don't understand how this site ranks with two internal pages in google local


I'm just not sure of these, please advice

1)Can we point internal pages of website in google places listing? or only home page link should be verified?
2)Distance between the two address is just 4 miles, what if companies start physical location every 4 miles and rank? will they own entire seven pack listing for specific keywords?
3)My guess, they used internal pages & keywords in Business name listing? what else helps these urls rank and own half local serp?

Are they safe? Correct me if i'm wrong. Curious to know, any idea?


Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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Hi Jerry, interesting find.

In this case it 'appears' to me to be 2 different franchises. I'd be kinda ticked at uHaul if I was the 1st and then they sold a 2nd franchise, not only in the same city but the same street and just 4 miles away!

But yes internal pages can be linked to the G+ L page and is a common practice and a necessity for multi-location businesses. You would not want 200 locations linking to home, they would not rank well. They each need their own location page.

However for a single location business this would not be a good strategy and would not work. You'd be competing with yourself and Google would likely only let one of the G+ L pages rank.

Plus would not make financial sense to rent office space and have a secretary right down the street, simply to try to get a double on Google. (And you could only have that 2nd location if it was a real and valid location.)

In this case it's 2 different businesses, unique owners, they just happen to own the same type of franchise and be on the same street. Very little chance you'd see something like this very often.

Marie Ysais

Sep 18, 2012
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Thanks for the screen shot! I have been wanting to capture an internal page ranking in Google+ but have not found my own yet.

Marie Ysais

Sep 18, 2012
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DUH! Thanks Linda! I just had that DUH kind of moment!! thanks for the link as well.
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