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Jul 16, 2014
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I've looked into multiple factors and can't figure out how this competitor to a client of mine is able to rank so well in a variety of cities.

Note that they only have a single GMB profile in Dallas: 2615 Big Town Blvd, Mesquite, TX 75150

Service Area Page Examples Highly Visible for Competitive Keywords:

While these pages aren't in the local map pack, they are on average in 4th position (the first organic website listing) for important keywords.
- There is a lot of copy on the service pages and quite a bit above the fold
- There are many CTA's and trust badges above the fold
- Site speed is good

Any other thoughts are appreciated. I'm starting to wonder if the mobile experience and speed are the primary reason behind high rankings.
I'd put my money on the content/copy in the page. There's lots of it!

While they have a handful of backlinks to the individual pages too, the ones that are active all appear to be coupon-type sites.

They've also dominated those keyword positions without any big fluctuations since 2017. For most of the keywords related around plumbing they've been in the Top 3 spots since 2019. The ones on Gas etc, not so much but "plumbing" they've been right there. From ahrefs, the parent topic is "frisco plumber" so with them dominating that phrase, they're keeping the position unless you do some work.
All good insights. Based on the above, I will focus my client towards chamber of commerce links for some of their service area pages. I'm starting to look into Reader's Choice awards as well, but many of these are difficult without an actual location in the city.

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