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Mar 15, 2016
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How Often Should You Be Meeting With a New Client?

"Are you helping or hurting me?"

It's the trust question your new client meetings need to answer. Clients are looking to see if you're under or overperforming. At this point most sellers make a reasonable but incorrect assumption.

They assume their new clients trust them.

"I've already won this client," they tell themselves. “They’ve read hundreds of reviews from our happy customers. Of course they trust us!

It's only partially true.

In this article, Andrew goes on to write about different types of clients, their managing/being managed styles, and how that can influence the length, frequency, and content of your early onboarding meetings.

Read the full article here

How do you establish meetings with new clients? Do you have the same process for all clients, adjust to your client's style, or vet out clients that aren't a good working match?



Thanks Garrett!

There are so many ways to look at client management issues like frequency of meetings. Once again Andrew offers lots of great advice and some clarity.
Just out of curiosity, has anyone charged per hour for client meetings?

I bundle a 10 minute call (and unlimited emails/text, etc) with my clients. As long as people are pleasant and reasonable, I don't like to limit them. But, I recently had a micromanaging client leave me because they said that they felt I didn't communicate enough. They loved the results, and I can't think of anything I did which wasn't clearly explained to them, step by step.

In cases like that, I've thought of adding clause in my contract where an hourly rate kicks in for re-explaining the same concepts. This is such an isolated case that I don't see it happening ever again, but I sure thought about it haha!

Most clients are so chill with me. It's amazing what you can accomplish when people trust you as the expert!

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