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Oct 30, 2015
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I need to know how to add a logo (all the exact same) image to multiple locations within the same GMB account..Can you help? All I need is a step-by-step...thanx!
JR, somehow you posted in an unrelated thread from 2013 that no one would ever see.

So I moved your post and started a new thread for you here.
Someone should be able to help shortly.
If you have less than 10 locations (i.e if you aren't using the bulk tool) then you'll just need to go in and add them by hand to each. Step by step instructions are here. Not sure about bulk, that's not as much my area, but instructions for that are here, it should be pretty straight forward.

As a head's up though if you don't already know, Google does give you an option to say which picture you want to be your profile picture, but it tends to ignore your choice a surprising amount of time. There's a 3 dot menu though near the photos you can hit that let's you set your profile or cover photo as your preferred business photo.

As an extra head's up... Google especially seems to prefer not showing a logo in the main photo spot. By all means upload the logo, but unless that's the only image in there, it's somewhat unlikely in my experience that you'll get it to stick as the profile photo. Since even customers can upload their own images if they want, if you do try to upload only that one logo image to each to force it to use that, keep an eye on the listings since it could drop the logo in favor of something a customer (or competitor) uploaded at any time.
Thanks for the guidance James. I was going to do it on the dashboard (http URL ...and "apply to all"). The question I have is how do I go from a client provided jpeg (to Google's specs of course) to a URL on the dashboard. Sorry if this is a dumb question.
I think this should work.

Go to and add it manually via the normal GMB dashboard for one location.

Then go to list view ( click on the location you added it to and hit the "apply changes to all" button.

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