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Jun 28, 2012
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This most awesome list of SEO business building resources comes from Tony Dimmock on G+.

Resources include: Selling SEO Services Like a Boss
Questions & Checklist for New or Potential Clients
How To Win More Client Proposals
Pre-Qualifying & Winning New Clients
How To Overcome 4 Tough SEO Business Building Challenges
and TONS more!

CLICK the 'read more' link to expand post and see them all!
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And be sure to check out all our other posts here at the <a href="">Local Search Consultant's Corner</a>

What do you think? Any other good ones to add??
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I thought this one was the best:

How To Sell Your SEO Plan With 5 Slides in 5 Minutes (overcoming common objections from the CEO, CFO, CMO, CTO & Director of Marketing): Selling SEO in 5 Minutes - SEW - h/t +Eric Enge over on +Search Engine Watch

I didn't read through them all but I read this in its entirety.

He's absolutely right. You have about 5 minutes. His approach to laying out everything in 5 minutes in simple terms is great. And he hits the concerns on the head.

Great article, just tweak it for Local SEO. Use some of those mentalities and create the multiples Local SEO mentalities. Put together 5 points to hit each mentality with graphs and slides, etc. Boom.

Great stuff.
Thanks Joshua,

I have to admit I didn't have time to read ANY. Just being a shareaholic today and posting like crazy.

So was hoping you guys would filter the best stuff up to the top for others to benefit from.

Thanks again!
Just stumbled upon this now and there is quite a bit to digest. I have just begun reading but this is a great list including great Q & A for people who started at exactly the same place as all of us. I thoroughly enjoy learning from others who have walked down similar paths. I always enjoy reading how they faced tough situations and what they did to overcome them.

Great share, thank you!
Haha... Thanks for bumping this one Luke!

I just finished video #7 of the new Advanced Google My BusinessTraining and a big part of that one is about how to build your Local Search Consulting business. Prospecting, pricing, packaging, etc.

However I forgot to add this resource to the huge business building resource list I put together. But I did link to this section of the forum - "Consultants Corner" so hopefully all the consultants taking my course right now will be able to find it. (Thanks to you bumping this one to the top!) :)
Great resources guys. I haven't put a lot of time into kickstarting my consulting side-gig, but this definitely something I need to start putting more time into :p

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