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Jun 28, 2012
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How to embed a Google map of a business listing, has been problematic due to all the Google changes. Even though I've written tons of posts about how to embed a Google map and various workaround, evidently folks still find it a bit of a challenge.

Below is a great thread from our Local Search Pros Google+ Community with a new map embed trick many did not know.

Below the Google+ community posts I share my super easy 3 step way to embed a map - the way I've taught how to embed a map in my Onsite Local Search Training for a long time.

Here's the discussion from our Local Search Pros Community.

Austin Lund kicked things off and Cori Shirk shared a resource many don't know about.

Austin Lund
Does anyone know how to embed a Google Map from GMB--not from Maps--so that the review stars, average rating, and number of reviews show up?

Eduard de Boer
Search for the business name PLUS address on Google Maps and get the embed code.
This will show the business with the reviews.

Phil Rozek
+Austin Lund Also, the map needs to be of certain dimensions, or the stars won't show up. I think it needs to be at least 275px wide, but don't take me to the bank on that :)

Cori Shirk
Place mode should do that too: 

Austin Lund
Wow, good resource +Cori Shirk. Thanks for the share!

Tim Colling
Thanks, +Cori Shirk, that's a new one (and a very helpful one!) to me.
Thanks for asking in the first place, +Austin Lund.

Super easy 3 step way to embed a Google Map


1) Get to the G+ Local page - that's the hardest part, the rest is easy.

(If you can't find the G+ page or don't know how to get to it now that Google has removed the links, just ask - we've had lots of posts about it.)

2) Click on the address on the about page. That will take you to that specific listing on Google maps. (Instead of searching and possibly coming up with a dupe.)

3) On the business card on maps, click the 3 lines to the left of the name. Hidden there under Google's subtle UI is a menu. Click "Embed map". Pick your size and preview.

VOILA! Nice looking map with review stars and all! (Like the Googleplex map above.)

WHY Embed from the G+ L page instead of just searching in maps???

1) Sometimes you'll get a dupe and don't realize it. (If you do, customers might leave a review by clicking the map on your site. Then the reviews end up on the wrong listing, fracturing your review profile.)

2) Most importantly, if you embed directly from the G+ L page the all important CID # is embedded right in the code. It's obfuscated from us with Hex code, but Google can read it, which is what counts.

I think it helps Google see that this website connects to THIS SPECIFIC G+ page. In other words helps Google connect the dots. (This is one of 8 of the "Local Hooks" I teach, but I go into much more detail about why this is important.)

Here is the <a href="">Local Onsite SEO Training Course</a>, for any of you that missed it. :)

What do you think? Easy, right???
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Why not directly search in google maps by business name ... select from the drop down menu ... and after that step 3 ?

From what I see the result is the same :)

1) Sometimes you'll get a dupe and don't realize it.

2) Most importantly, I forgot to mention, if you embed directly from the G+ L page the all important CID # is embedded right in the code. It's obfuscated from us with Hex code, but Google can read it, which is what counts.

I think it helps connect THIS SPECIFIC G+ page with this map on this website. In other words helps Google connect the dots.

(Editing the top post to add this important piece. Can't believe I forgot to mention it.)
Linda Buquet minimizing possible errors is very important, agree it`s better to move from g+ to maps : )

By the way both ways include CID in the iframe url. Let`s get url for Googleplex :


This part : 0x808fba02425dad8f:0x6c296c66619367e0 in mapmaker is FID in the url, and mapfacts_id in the source code. Second part ( 0x6c296c66619367e0 ) is CID in hexadecimal which is equal to 7793879817120868320. With both variants is easy to get the mapmaker url :
First part (0x808fba02425dad8f => 9263827477390536079) is more curious and I can`t figure out for what is. Maybe it`s not so important because can be changed and everything work just fine. Examples :

URL to Googleplex in maps :

Changed first part with 1 :

URL to Googleplex in mapmaker with changed first part with 1 :

Any idea for what is the first part of FID/MapFacts ID ?

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