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Jun 28, 2012
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To get a direct link, you first need to determine the placeid for the business.

Go to Place IDs | Places API | Google Developers

Enter the name of the business and you'll get a dropdown to confirm the location (or I think you can use the address as well). Press enter and you'll get a popup with the the placeid:


Simple copy that placeid and append it to the end of the following URL:

This method does not seem to work for SABs or if the utility can't find your business.

For that, there's a bit of a convoluted work around outlined here:

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the link. That's what I needed. And I guess it's good to know my client isn't the only one without the Short Name feature.
Google just released a review feature in the back office. The review link can be found under the "Home" tab in the top right corner. Just make sure you added a short profile name. :cool:
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Google just released a review feature in the back office. The review link can be found under the "info" tab in the top right corner. :cool:
What do you mean by "back office"? I'm not seeing that for GMB on either desktop or mobile.

Actually, I do see it for two sites with Google short links and zero reviews so far, but several other sites, with or without the short links, do not display the "Ask for Reviews" button. In fact, no site with existing reviews displays that button for me, again on either desktop or mobile.

Update: Looking further, I do see it, but only on sites with a Google short link. I was holding off adding that to most sites with all the suspensions going on but for those without a short link I just added one and now that link does indeed display.

I don't see it under an Info tab in the right corner for either desktop (Firefox) or the iOS mobile app though. Instead, it's on the "Home" page for a site.
The limitation of places API is it will only show the locations with address so in case if your business is with hidden address then it will not populate such business and due that you will not able to generate the review link .
But in following tool you can generate review link for SAB/Hidden Address business as well.


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