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Jul 12, 2013
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Hey was wondering if people could share how the find bad links.

I have a new client who really needs local seo but someone has be creating a lot of links ( not citations ) thinking that it would help. I'm a bit suspicious of what they have done and would like to check if there are any links from bad neighbourhoods and what the anchor text variation is like and just general check to see what I'm in for.

I've looked around and saw 'link detox' but haven't tried it , can anyone recommend whats best for this.
I would run a link DTOX report, which is one of the tools available on - it's pretty good at categorizing links & assigning them a 'risk level'. Of course, there is some manual review involved but this is the best tool I've found. They have their own database that pulls from 22 sources (including OSE), you can also import spreadsheets from other tools such as GWT. Hope this helps!

Link Detox Tool (DTOX) ? Link Research Tools
IIRC, I thought Google cannot penalize you for "inbound links" from bad neighborhoods, unless something changed recently? These links can be devalued as they have no correlation to your industry but you should not be penalized for links from these types of sites. I know the Google algo updates go after low quality, poor relevancy links as well as anchor text heavy links but from bad neighborhoods?

There would likely be a penalty if you were linking out to these bad neighborhoods from the site but typically not in. If placing a link in a bad neighborhood would hurt a site, don't you think every competitor would try to do this and sabotage their competition?

Am I not understanding the question properly?

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