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Aug 23, 2014
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I was curious to see if anyone had any tips for queries where the map of results is really zoomed in and your business isn't within the radius. Some of the results I see sometimes for branded queries is really zoomed in. For example, "McDonalds Philadelphia". That map doesn't even come close to representing all of Philadelphia.
That's a great idea Joy. I don't have any specific examples, but I'd love to see some.

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Hey Joy!

I assume your question is related to KW search, not branded search right?
You just used a branded search for an example?

Cuz I have tips for a single business for KW search that's outside the radius, but don't know about a branded multi-location chain search like the example you gave.

Off topic, but that McDs example could lead to some ranking clues. If you do a search only 3 locations show up. But there are actually 4 others in that search radius.

So what makes Google like those 3 most? Citations or # of 3rd party reviews maybe? Because some other have more reviews than the 3 Google picked.

The ABC listings I checked don't appear to be claimed and all go to home, so it's not the optimization of the landing page. Also none I checked are upgraded to social, so no posts or anything like that. Wonder about age of locations. Would be curious to know if the ones in the radius that aren't showing are newer locations - that could also mean fewer citations.

Anyway, sorry I got off track but that was an interesting example. Had not thought about looking at a chain like that to find ranking/prominence clues.
I don't have any examples right now, but I do have experience - in response to the thread title, I think the most important factors to influence/change the map radius are:

# of "citations", mentions, info/text talking about the business
user interaction and user data - clicks to the site, more info, directions, searches for the business
and of course optimizing for that term with on-site SEO​

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