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May 5, 2014
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Hello all! I am dealing with a rather perplexing (at least to me) problem regarding one of my clients who has seasonal hours.

This client has several locations with hours that change three times per year. Normally, they would go in and just edit the page and then go to Yelp and update the hours there. However, since we've been helping with their SEO we've been using schema markup for the hours on their website and we've updated the directories and aggregates to get all their info to match the main site. This has worked quite well with rankings...

Now it's coming time to adjust the hours for a seasonal shift and I am not sure if I should just make the change on their website and the main directories (Yelp/Bing/etc.) and hope it doesn't affect their ranking or if perhaps there might be a better way to handle this issue.

I would love to hear suggestions and input on this. I can't seem to find anything terribly helpful on the topic elsewhere. Many thanks in advance!
Wish I had an answer but I am very curious to hear what the other pros say about this. Interesting question.

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Yes, I'm with Cody. Have never dealt with the situation or read anything about it.

But from the little you mentioned I don't see any other way to do it other than what you explained.

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