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I had a question for all other consultants out there. I'm starting to write now for lots of different places and wanted to include these all on my personal blog but am trying to figure out a way to keep it organized.

I want to make sure people who visit my blog also see and can read the articles I wrote on Search Engine Land or Moz, for example.

I've seen others who have this issue do something where they post a small snippit on their personal blog that says something like "Check out my article on SEL..." but I always find it annoying when I get updates for the same article from multiple sources in Feedly and didn't want to do the same thing to my readers.

Is there a better way to organize this? A plugin or something that pulls in articles from other sources into your stream but still links to the content there?
Good question and idea. I use newsle because it helps me find posts for authors that I follow to keep tabs on content that isn't on their blog.

I don't think newsle is the solution. Rather proof that people want to follow all of someone's work.

I would personally like to see a comprehesive list of your posts joy.

What about a single page for 2015 posts, 2016 posts etc. Then have a refernce to those pages from your various posts.

Maybe a line in your signature that mentions the comprehensive list.

Sorry I don't have a solution. Just wanted you to know that I think it is a good idea and wish I had it for about 100 people in our biz

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That's definitely an option I didn't think of. I might just do that :)
Hey Joy not sure if this kind of setup would suit you but you could combine all the rss feeds from the blogs you write on with Chimpfeedr then add that feed to wordpress via feedwordpress plugin or whatever plugin suits yourself the feedwordpress one is handy because you can customize it to your needs with the advanced filters extras all are free, then you could filter the feed to only show your posts and either add it into posts via shorcodes ultimate plugin or in a side or page which ever suits. Hope that helps.
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