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Sep 29, 2015
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I think I just discovered something. In examing some Local Finder listings I've found a pattern. I found some obvious SPAM sites but unlock other SPAM sites which Google deleted on request, this one they have not deleted. I noticed it is appearing in Google Adwords Local Ads at the top of the Local Finder results. It has one 5-star review. I can't remember if any of the other Spam sites that got deleted had any reviews so that could have something to do with it.

Has anyone else for sure been able to get a spam site deleted that they saw was also being displayed as a Google local extension adwords ad? It would make sense to me that Google would refrain from deleting listings they are making money off of.
I get listings removed all the time that have Location Extensions attached to them so I can confirm there is no pattern there. One thing I have noticed is that the Location Extensions don't appear to update in real time so often if a listing is keyword stuffing and you edit it to remove the keywords, the Location Extension does not update.
Good to know. I've just been having a particular hard time with a certain one. It's a company that created a second keyword stuffed listing corresponding to a newer line of work in their industry and the website URL goes to a sub page of their main site that just has a heading that is the same as the keyword stuffed company name they are using. Same phone. Can't tell the address but I'd assume it would have to be different or at least a Suite number. I'm like 19 ot of 20 the past 2 weeks getting spam listings removed and this one no luck and it's SO obvious.

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