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Aug 26, 2018
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Hi everyone, we're having an issue with one of our local GMB listings. They come up with no issues if you are searching for the business name. However, if you search for the address, something else automatically comes up. This location, Kittyhawke, doesn't exist anywhere in this location. And it seems like we are sharing this address with this non-local entity. It's like it has merged itself as part of the street address?


If we go to the menu > Send feedback > Suggest an edit to kittyhawke

There is no other option than to move the pin elsewhere, which is not the way to go because that is where the street address is supposed to be.

We have contacted Maps by sending a message using Send Feedback > Your Opinions About Maps and explained the situation, but what it did was move just move the pin slightly up (the pin used to be closer to where our location is).

We want to get rid of 'kittyhawke' to display either only the street address or have the searcher be automatically directed to our GMB listing.


Hi Nikky, that's a tricky one. I'm afraid most of our members are out enjoying the Holiday, so could be tomorrow before anyone has a chance to reply.

Happy Labor Day!
I wouldn't even worry about it. I don't think there's anything you can really do about it since it's not really a listing and there is no edit ability. It's not going to have an impact on your business listings or rankings. Very few people will search your business address to find your location...and if they do, it still will take them to the right location right?

Just wanted to chime in here. This is definitely an address point, not a business listing. I've made a correction but I'll have to see if my edit is approved and what things will look like afterwards.

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