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Jun 6, 2018
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Hey guys, for a newer site which has GMB already setup, how does one see the Profile page on google on the right side please? I tried typing and also "" on google but both options are showing only the link to the site.
Are you talking about the knowledge panel?

Try searching the brand name of the business, or the business address and see if that works. If not, you may need to do some optimizations to the GMB and the website linked to from the GMB to get a knowledge panel. Many times Google needs additional signals to see you as relevant and deserving of a knowledge panel, even for a branded search.

Here's a good resource on How to optimize your Google local Knowledge Panel
You may also be able to surface the Business Profile by searching "[business name] + [phone number]" or "[business name] + [address]".

These queries are really specific to the business; there probably isn't any other business that's a good match. So Google will surface the only thing that matches well: your business.
Yes guys, I am referring to the knowledge Panel which google refers to as the Business Profile it seems. Anyway, yesterday I tried completing it in the GMB and the owner needs to wait for the Postcard I guess in order for the Panel/Profile to be seen on google, will confirm when he gets the postcard, thx.

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