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Mar 31, 2024
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Pretty straight forward question. I am verified with google with LLC, local license, utilites and the kitchen sink. I have verified 3 to 4 times. In March I verified twice after being taken down by a spammer. If I am at war with a greedy spammer who is not willing to give up and will use any tactic needed to win, what can i do?

The spammer is pure gen lead without any credentials. They just create fake maps in a big circle to dominate every area they want. If i fight them my map is taken down and I lose a month of work due to no visibility. I am bascially trapped and dont know what to do but dont want to give up.

Is there any way to speak to google rep / manager about such a aggressive issue?
Your best bet is to report them via this redressal form - provide as much evidence as possible to why these listings are fake and report as many listings at a time as possible. No risk of Google suspending your listing if you report via this form.

Curious what industry is this in?
If there is a way to do a personal chat on something not public happy to tell you. Yeah I have been around the circle so many times with this and spoken to a rep. I know the policies, what google standpoint is and what happens before after and a suspension sadly. Business is competitive i guess. Anyway please delete chat I dont want to broadcast further but happy reply in a DM or something

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