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Jan 25, 2021
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The client used to have physical headquarters in Boise, Idaho, and their GMB/GBP address was set to that location. They are now shutting down their headquarters and moving completely virtual. They are setting their mailing address on their website to be their parent company’s address in Florida. How should they update their GBP profile, if they cannot set their ‘service area’ for Boise, Idaho since 1. The company is now virtual and 2. Their mailing address is in FL?
@bfrazier, they can do one of two things:

1. Just empty the address field and set the service area to Florida, Idaho, all of the US, or some other arbitrary amount of geography. (Doesn't matter that they verified the GMB page at the Boise address.)

2. They can just show their FL street address / mailing address publicly, after re-verifying via postcard at that address. The address doesn't need to be hidden, even though it's a non-in-person business.

By the way, I'm not clear on whether the Boise address is already publicly showing on the GMB page, or if it's hidden. If it's not showing, and if your "service area" has not changed, I'd probably just leave everything the way it is.

As long as Google doesn't overwrite / auto-update your GMB page based on the address on your site, you're good. (Though even that wouldn't necessarily be a big deal.)
@Phil Rozek Thank you for your response! Very much appreciated. I'll advise with your recommendation. ❤️

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