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Dec 15, 2022
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I am having issues on updating a Yahoo business listing for one of our clients. I called Yahoo support but they have no way of updating the listing. I checked other citation sites such as Yelp and YellowPages which could power through to the Yahoo listing and they both have the correct Nap Info. It says I can verify the listing through Yellowpages but the incorrect listings doesn't even exist there only the correct listing does. don't know how Yahoo has a business listing that seems impossible to update. I don't even think Yahoo is powered through Yext anymore either. Any answers on this?

I'm assuming you have already tried to update via BUT this is probably where you are searching for the incorrect listing and not finding anything correct? I did find this thread from 2019 with an email address for yahoo support, but if you have already talked to them, it might be another dead end?

You mentioned Yext but have you tried working with Yext for this? I know they have dropped Yahoo from their publisher network, but I still find it listed here: Yext Listings
however, that still pushes you to paying for updates(the option to update for free is no longer applicable) and then Yahoo isn't on the list once it scans your business, so I'm not even sure if that would work.

I did find this How does Yahoo update Search results? | Yahoo Help - SLN28157, and they mention Localworks, and they still list Yahoo as a provider.

Bigger local citation companies like Whitespark and Brightlocal have completely removed Yahoo from their database. In my opinion I don't think it's worth much more effort than you have already put in but good luck and let me know if you find a workaround!
Hi Celina,

Thank you for the response back on this. I reached out just now to see if I will get a response back. Hopefully they do if not then it is what it is for that listing. It doesn't seem like anyone is doing yahoo listings. Only YellowPages but the incorrect listing doesn't appear there. Only the correct listing does

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