Mar 7, 2016
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Great article,
Tons of insights in there like the average query length of voice search vs typed search, and this local implication; Mobile voice search is three times more likely to be local-based than text search. This is closely related to the fact that most smartphone searches are also local.
Definitely check this out, it's probably the most indepth article on the subject I have seen yet.

Here's a nice sneak peak:
We’ve seen a growth in question phrases year over year:
Take action:

If you have a local physical presence, it’s even more critical that you refine your strategy because you have a lot more to gain by getting this right.
Get smart with keywords relevant to your local searcher:

  • Are there landmarks you need to call out, such as “in old city” or the stadiums or anything else significant that will be a cue for your searcher?
  • What are the local places of interest that matter to your company?
  • How do folks describe your neighborhood in natural speak?

And of course check out Garrett Sussman's post on this to help round out what's been going on in the land of voice search.

Mar 15, 2016
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Thanks for the shout out Justin.

A fun transparent moment....

A few weeks ago I attended a Moz panel event at Seer Interactive in Philly. Guess who was one of the presenters on Voice Search? Guess who inspired my post?

Yup. Purna! She created such a stellar article. Her presentation was amazing as well. It's funny that my post was published before hers came out, but she's the inspiration!

Nonetheless, a very interesting subject that will increasingly impact Local Businesses.


Jul 22, 2012
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This is some really great research. I think rankings from voice searches should be more location because it's the one of the more urgent forms of requesting information. The fact that voice searches are usually in full sentences may back that up.
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