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Dec 9, 2014
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I have been checking local pack for Attorneys, specially PI Attorneys, and there are Local Packs which i found quiet disturbing, as being spammed with multiple Fake listings. It is really bad! IT is even more nerve wrecking when calling the business, they refuse to give out their business name. I have tried to report some myself, however i am looking to see if there is any way I can push this out, I have seen the latest trend on Garage doors here by djbaxter is there any way to directly report this to Google?

This type of spam is very annoying and the fact that Google just doesn't care is amazing. They say that spamming like this can get you suspended, but the unfortunate reality is we see companies do this for years without being suspended. The cheaters win regardless of reporting.

When you report a spam listing of ABC Company LLC | KEYWORD KEYWORD KEYWORD KEYWORD KEYWORD KEYWORD KEYWORD KEYWORD and then Google refuses to act on this obvious spam, what other conclusion can one possibly make?
Its financial, Google knows the CTR rate of those maps better than anyone, so if they keep them cluttered with fake listings or only half-heartedly clean them up it drives more businesses to PPC. This is also why the algo is written to favor directories over legitimate local businesses in the search results. It's all about the Benjamins.
Interesting. It could be true. I am also seeing a lot of spams on Plumbing industry as well.
can someone please tell me why Google Ignore report of spam listings. I sent them Google documents with all the required info: listing name, link, phone number, address (if available) and web site. I am talking about spam. not maybe spam. Also Google reinstate hundreds of old spam listings which were removed a year or two ago.

Seems to me that Google rather ignore and deliberately avoid reports of spam listings.
Have any of you heard of "businesses" selling "the whole right side of Google" for a particular keyword (i.e. "slip & fall attorney")?

What I've found out is the business creates a GMB listing for a particular keyword while using the address of the company that has paid/subscribed for the service. The website goes to a lead gen website, but the phone number goes to the service subscriber. I understand a business wanting to "own the whole right side," but what can one do to prevent this type of listing? Would the subscriber potentially be competing with themself?

I've tried to educate the business, but this offer sounds so good they really want to try it. Thoughts?
@vlachas Maria Google sometimes takes a few weeks to review spam reports

@tarantino75 those types of listings are against the guidelines. If the subscriber is already ranking then, yes, they are competing with themselves. If the listing uses the same address as the business uses, it would be subject to the filter.
Google does not care anymore about spam listings. The spam spread fast and Google refuse to take action even when you provide them with accurate information and proves. In the past they cooperated and checked into the reports I sent them. Now they completely ignore them and on top of it they re instated hundreds of spam listings which where removed after I reported them. Ann no , it is not a question of few weeks. I done this for a very long time. I helped removed dozens of thousands of spam listings! I do know what is a spam. So please, spare me the rhetoric " Google answers ". Their so called " specialists " are arrogant and simply do nothing to fight the spam. Here is an example of Spam report I sent them many months ago. They completely ignoring spam reports. Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free.

another example . one more spam report that google choose to ignore (the spammers winning again thank to google) Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free.

if that is not enough, here is a report with 147 spam listings that Google is okay with... Google Document 161 - 147 Spam / Fake Listings


  • 56 duplicate listings.pdf
    28.6 KB · Views: 440
  • Google Document 162 - 12 Spam Listings.pdf
    97.7 KB · Views: 629
  • Google Document 161 - 147 Spam _ Fake Listings.pdf
    71.4 KB · Views: 534
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Hey Hugo,

I just wanted to clarify that this forum doesn't have the ability to escalate spam to Google so I would discourage posting tons of examples. I would submit them via the Redressal Form as mentioned above.
@JoyHawkins Hope all is well. I was the one who created the thread, and the idea was to see if i can get any help not to ask people to escalate this to google. Eventually thanks to our folks here those listings were removed. So again thanks to this Forum.

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