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May 17, 2016
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I, like everyone it seems have had lots of issues with GBP reviews not getting published.

Often the original review poster still has an option to edit the review even if its not been published, has anyone had any experience of a review being published after its edited ?
If the review was violating one of Google's guidelines, then yes editing it to comply with the guidelines could trigger it to be published publically. However, it is unlikely this happened as more often than not it's Google's review filter that is causing it to now show, and thus editing it will not get it published.

Your best bet is to post a thread on the Google Business Profile forum to see if Google will reinstate it. Add this info to your post:
  1. The exact number of reviews that have gone missing.
  2. The date they were left
  3. The names of the people (as appears on Google) that left reviews.
  4. Screenshots of the missing reviews (the customers can grab these while logged into their accounts as referenced above).

Read more here Why Are My Google Reviews Not Publishing? - Sterling Sky Inc

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